Guitar Hero Live controller on PC

This is a short tutorial explaining how you can connect a Guitar Hero Live controller to your PC and use it with Clone Hero (or any other software).

Important notice: it only works if you have a Xbox 360 dongle for your guitar. Even though all Guitar Hero Live controllers are the same, the dongles of other consoles do not work on PC.

Step 1: connect the dongle to an USB port of your PC and wait for the automatic recognition/installation process to be completed.

Step2: open the device manager. To open the device manager you can press the Windows key + R, then type “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.

Step3: find the entry called “Guitar Hero”.

Step4: right-click on the entry “Guitar Hero” and select “Update driver”.

Step 5: select the second option “chose manually”.

Step 6: select again the second option “chose from list”.

Step 7: in the list select “Xbox 360 devices” and press next.

Step 8: in the following list select “Xbox 360 controller for Windows” and press next.

Step 9: confirm by clicking Yes.

Step 10: click Close. Done!

Sync the guitar with the receiver dongle: you also have to connect the guitar to the dongle. To do so, press the green sync-button on the dongle and the sync-button of the guitar until they are both blinking and searching for eachother. Wait a few seconds and they will connect.

Note about connection problems: we heard repeatedly about cases where a certain Windows update (version 2004) breaks the driver and the receiver doesn’t work anymore. You can follow the steps of this video to fix it. Follow every step but when you need to copy the hardware ID, copy the whole expression starting from USB\vid… and replace the entire USB-expression in the driver files. After having completed the steps in the video, the dongle should be working. However it might happen that the guitar still doesn’t sync. In that case you need to update the driver again (step 2 and onward). Choose again to browse your computer for drivers, uncheck “show compatible hardware” and re-install the original xbox 360 driver as shown above.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if something is unclear. I’d be more than happy to answer you and subsequently improve my tutorial.