Play Fortnite Festival with a Guitar Hero controller

In order to use a Guitar Hero controller to play Fortnite Festival you need to

  • switch on the “Ignore Controller Input” parameter in the game and
  • bind the Guitar Hero controller buttons to the corresponding keyboard keys.

Detailed walk-through

Step 1: open Fortnite Festival and navigate to the settings by

  1. clicking on your avatar in the top right corner
  2. clicking on the cogwheel/menu button in the lower part of the screen
  3. clicking on the settings button in the menu on the right

Step 2: navigate to the “Mouse and Keyboard” options in the menu at the top and there activate the option “Ignore Controller Input”. We also recommend to activate the option “Input Method as Mouse”.

Step 3: navigate to the “Keyboard Controls” options in the menu at the top and find out which keyboard keys are used to play on the Fortnite Festival Stage. By default the keys are D, F, J, K and L for the notes 1 to 5 and the space bar for the overdrive.

Step 4: install and use a keyboard remapping software like the famous shareware JoyToKey and assign each button of your Guitar Hero Controller to the corresponding keyboard key of step 1. By default we have:

Green fretD
Red fretF
Yellow fretJ
Blue fretK
Orange fretL
Star Power buttonSpace bar

The following screenshot illustrates what the JoyToKey interface will look like when properly configured for a Xbox 360 Guitar Hero controller.

Step 5: launch Fortnite Festival and enjoy playing with your Guitar Hero controller!